2021 Goal Progress – March

Start of March, two months down for 2021. I’m feeling quite good about a lot of my goals so far, but I know I’m a little behind on a few of them. From this point, March seems like a quite month in terms of events. Plenty of time to work towards things and keep on track.

If you want to see my goals for 2021, with more explanation and background, check out my Goals for 2021 post.

As I did in 2020, I’ve organised my goals into a number of categories and highlighted some key areas that I’d like to pursue.


Grow Net Worth to $200,000

  • My net worth decreased to $102,854 over February. It’s only a slight decrease, as can be seen from the graph below. There has been quite a volatile market over the past few weeks, so my main portfolio and super are slightly lower than last month. While the stock market has gone down, the word on everyone’s lips, bitcoin/crypto has gone up quite dramatically, which helped to ensure my net worth didn’t drop too much.
  • Really keen to invest more in March now that it has dropped a bit. Will be interesting to see how it is by April.
  • Still super committeed towards gaining $200,000 net worth by the end of the year.
  • If you were interested in how I grew my net worth, check out the video I made here.

Grow Self Wealth Portfolio to $100,000

  • Over February, my portfolio dropped to $68,450. As mentioned above, pretty much everything has taken a minor hit.
  • I wasn’t able to invest much in February due to a very large purchase, in March, I should be able to contribute more per month. I’ll really need to boost up my investment rate to be on track for this goal.

Spend a Maximum of $30,000

  • In February, I spent a shocking $7,818 (0.2% savings rate) which is brings my overspend tally to a whopping -6,511 (i.e. I’ve spend 6,500 more than I am aiming for the year). To be fair, that huge expense is taken up mostly by my motorbike ($5,500 for bike, gear, insurance, rego, etc) that I’ve recently purchased (my car got recalled early 2020).
  • Apart from that huge expense, my other expenses were pretty reasonable – you may note that I’ve added a category called ‘Nathan’s Mobile PT’ – more on that lower in this post.

Grow House Deposit to $40,000

  • My house deposit is currently sitting at $15,650.
  • Essentially the same as the start of February – along with investments, this is an area that I’ll really need to work on throuhgout March.


Increase Strength Across the Major Powerlifting Movements, Reassessed Every 3 Months

  • I will be reassessing my one rep max weights on 1 March. Current lifts and goals are below are below:
    • Squat (reach 120kg – currently at 95kg)
    • Bench Press (reach 95kg – currently at 82.5kg)
    • Deadlift (reach 160kg – currently at 140kg)
    • Overhead Press (reach 70kg – currently at 57.5kg)
  • While I’d say my lifts are pretty much what they are above, I’ve needed to pull back on my squats and deadlifts due to my knee – went a little too hard with a day of squats and the ACL is not feeling the best. I’ve paused those movements for now and focusing on the other lifts and accessories.

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

  • Current lean muscle mass is 63.8kg (-0.2kg from February).
  • Weight is sitting at 86.0kg (+3.1kg).

Nathan Challenges Life

Grow YouTube Channel to 1,000 Subscribers and Reach 4,000 Watch Hours (monetisation criteria)

  • Current subscribers = 335 (+50 over February!)
  • Watch hours = 555 (+101.5 over February)
  • Really great to see the increase of subscribers through February – with more videos on my channel, it is very slowly starting to naturally grow and increase reach. My views are quite a bit lower than January – which was mostly due to creating the new type of videos, Shorts. However, my watch time is pretty much the same, and subscribers are higher, green arrows all around!
  • Stats in February:

Publish 100 Videos on my YouTube Channel

  • Videos = 65 (+4 over February).
  • I’ve still got a couple of videos I’ve been meaning to make, but happy with the 4 I made in February.

Write 50 Blog Posts on Nathan Challenges Life

  • In February, I posted 3 blog posts which you can read here, and on my Medium profile here:
    • $25k to $100k Net Worth in One Year
    • How Learning A Skill Becomes Integated Into Your Life
    • How to Become a Millionaire and Retire Early (3 Steps)
  • This is going quite well – I could spend a bit more time thinking of topics to write about but the ones above just sort of came to me out of the blue and thought I should write some stuff.

Personal Development

Create Nathan’s Mobile PT and Gain 5 Regular Clients

  • I am now the proud owner of Nathan’s Mobile PT!
  • In February, I registered my business name, got an ABN, created the Facebook page and logo/header/images. I also now have all the necessary insurances and registrations required of a PT, and created my business cards!
  • The only thing left is to sort out some permits for using the land/parks around Canberra and my local suburbs. That has all been submitted and I’m almost ready to start finding clients!
  • Any feedback on the page would be much appreciated!

Read 30 Books

  • I’m off to a great start with reading books. I post all my book reviews on my Goodreads profile.
  • In February, I read:
    • Be Obssessed or Be Average – Grant Cardone
    • Mud, Sweat and Tears – Bear Grylls
  • Currently at 6/30. A little slower in February due to now having a motorbike and not being able to listen to audiobooks on my commute.


I have been thinking about the things I want to do and try. So for 2021, I’m going to keep a list of things to do throughout the year to make sure I get them done. See below for my current list of things – I may add to this list as time goes on:

  • Test drive a Tesla
  • Get my motorbike licence – DONE! (January)
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class
  • Organise a cycle-touring holiday/trip (probably planning for March/April when it’s not so hot).
  • Attend a CrossFit class (I’ll need to book in for a fundamentals course before I can attend a proper course).
  • Break a Guinness world record (unsure on which one just yet, but will start to research potentials).
  • Complete an obstacle course race.

Areas of Focus for March

  • I need to focus on saving and investing more money – towards both my portfolio and my house deposit.
  • I need to make older videos for my YouTube channel that I haven’t gotten around to yet – as well as make new videos.
  • I should be able to start looking for clients or at least begin promoting Nathan’s Mobile PT.
  • Re-think my approach to leg training given issues with my knee – may have to just work on hypertrophy at this stage, then later in the year when it’s healed properly, then start proper strength training.

How are your goals going for the year? Are there areas you need to work on?

Let me know!


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