2021 Goal Progress – April

This post was a little later than usual due to being on holiday and taking some time off from everything. Need to slowly return to my usual habits and keep focused on my goals. There weren’t any major changes in March, but I made some really good progress on a number of goals! Especially financial!

If you want to see my goals for 2021, with more explanation and background, check out my Goals for 2021 post.


Grow Net Worth to $200,000

  • Over March, my net worth increased to $122,888! Which is a huge $20,000 gain (19.5%). This large increase was due to my cryptocurrency portfolio really taking off, after being quite subdued and stagnant over the past few years when I originally invested. There was also a slight increased across all investment portfolios. It’s all about time in the market.
  • Check out below for a graph of my net worth and also a table showing exactly what my net worth consists of.
  • If you were interested in how I grew my net worth over the past few years, check out the video I made here.

Grow Self Wealth Portfolio to $100,000

  • My investment portfolio is now sitting at $70,942. Only a slight increase of ~$2000 since last month. I’ve been at around the $70k mark now since the start of the year. I’ll really need to focus on growing this over the next few months to reach my goal.

Spend a Maximum of $30,000

  • In March, my savings rate came out to an awesome 55.8%, and I managed to spend just under my monthly budget of $2,500 (actual spending was $2,443…).
  • My yearly balance looking at a yearly expenditure of $30,000 is currently sitting at -$6,307. I’ll need to have quite a few good months of not spending to reach my goal. Total spending for the year is at $13,800..
  • My spending for March was actually quite good. Apart from rent, the largest expense was my new PT business – which I needed to buy equipment, insurances, registrations, etc etc. Happy with how the rest of the spending went.

Grow House Deposit to $40,000

  • My house deposit is currently sitting at $15,915.
  • Essentially the same as the start of March. This is an area that I’ll really need to work on throuhgout April.


Increase Strength Across the Major Powerlifting Movements, Reassessed Every 3 Months

  • I will be reassessing my one rep max weights at the end of April rather than March due to a few delays. Current lifts and goals are below are below:
    • Squat (reach 120kg – currently at 95kg)
    • Bench Press (reach 95kg – currently at 82.5kg)
    • Deadlift (reach 160kg – currently at 140kg)
    • Overhead Press (reach 70kg – currently at 57.5kg)
  • I will test my one rep max for squat and deadlift later in the year, after building up strength again from the bottom.

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

  • Current lean muscle mass is 63.1kg (-0.7kg from March).
  • Weight is sitting at 86.7kg (+0.7kg from March).
  • Fat mass is 20.3kg (+1.4kg from March).
  • Of course, these numbers are from my home scale – so it’s quite difficult to know how accurate they are, especially month to month and whatever I’ve been up to before weighing in (exercising/drinking the day before, etc.). But I’m going to take the numbers as they are. Admittedly, my gym commitment and efforts have been completely sub-par – my strength is getting slowly better, but I’m probably eating too many calories for the amount of energy expenditure day to day. Going to focus on gym in April.

Nathan Challenges Life

Grow YouTube Channel to 1,000 Subscribers and Reach 4,000 Watch Hours (monetisation criteria)

  • Current subscribers = 340 (+4 over March!)
  • Watch hours = 615 (+55 over March)
  • March wasn’t a very big month for my channel. I had about half of what I got from February in terms of views and watch time, but fell very short on subscribers compared. Due to being on holiday, I didn’t have the time to create any videos – I’ve got a few in train ready, but will need to find some time to spend towards them.
  • Stats in March:

Publish 100 Videos on my YouTube Channel

  • Videos = 67 (+2 over March).
  • I’ve still got a couple of videos I’ve been meaning to make – and a few extra ones coming up!

Write 50 Blog Posts on Nathan Challenges Life

  • In March, I posted 1 blog post which you can read here, and on my Medium profile here:
    • Why increasing your income is better than increasing your savings rate
  • I actually received my first payment from Medium – 0.03 USD! It’s of course an extremely small amount, but that was basically from 1 read of an article I posted! Just need to publish more articles!!!

Personal Development

Create Nathan’s Mobile PT and Gain 5 Regular Clients

  • Throughout March I set up a social media promotion for an Easter Special sign up bonus, and I distributed some flyers around my suburb. I’ve been in contact with a few people who are interested and so hopefully in April I can get my first session in!
  • I’ve needed to buy equipment and now have all necessary documentation ready to start! I will be posting a social media promotion in April as well as put up some physical flyers on notice boards to spread awareness!

Read 30 Books

  • Currently at 8/30. Over March I read the 10X rule by Grant Cardone and Green Lights by Matthew McConaughey – both really great books!
  • Currently reading a classic – the Deltora Quest series – reliving some childhood memories and having a lighter read.
  • I post all my book reviews on my Goodreads profile.


I have been thinking about the things I want to do and try. So for 2021, I’m going to keep a list of things to do throughout the year to make sure I get them done. See below for my current list of things – I may add to this list as time goes on:

  • Test drive a Tesla
  • Get my motorbike licence – DONE! (January)
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class
  • Organise a cycle-touring holiday/trip (probably planning for March/April when it’s not so hot).
  • Attend a CrossFit class (I’ll need to book in for a fundamentals course before I can attend a proper course).
  • Break a Guinness world record (unsure on which one just yet, but will start to research potentials).
  • Complete an obstacle course race.

I didn’t achieve any of these experiences through March – I think I’ll aim at attending a crossfit class, and start planning the cycle-touring. I can also look into the obstacle course, but none are available in Canberra…

Areas of Focus for March

  • I need to commit more time and focus to the gym and working out.
  • I need to make older videos for my YouTube channel that I haven’t gotten around to yet – as well as make new videos! I’ve got a few weekends free in April that I should be able to get some videos out!
  • I need to work on finding clients for Nathan’s Mobile PT.

How are your goals going for the year? Are there areas you need to work on?

Let me know!


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