FIRE Progress – February 2020

Net worth = $35,099
ASX Portfolio = $42,167

Already a month into 2020! I’ve been able to invest more throughout January due to almost hitting my savings goal of 50% (I saved 47.4%). Investment growth/return has also been quite good for 2020 with my portfolio being up +3.68%.

Breakdown of net worth as at 1 February 2020:

Really happy about that! I’ve managed to skip past 2 major points ($30,000 and $35,000). Seeing this increase just motivates me even more! I should be able to continue investing heavily as planned, but we will see how the markets are going by the end of the month and how it treats my portfolio – anyone’s guess, as always.

Feeling a bit better about my goals for this year (Net worth $100,000 and ASX portfolio $70,000). Sharing these goals with people, or really any goals about money, you either get people who are very supporting or very non-supportive. Best thing is to just focus on those who support you and ignore the others 🙂 in the meantime, I’ll be trying my hardest to achieve what I plan for myself.

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