2020 Goal Progress – February

Progress was made across a lot of my goals. For descriptive information for each of my goals, check out my Goals for 2020 post.


  1. Reach a net worth of $100,000
    • Currently at $35,099, up from $25,677 – an increase of 27% since the start of January!
  2. Grow my Australian investment portfolio to $70,000
    • Currently at $42,167, up from $38,167 at 1 January 2020. Super happy with this. I’m making really good progress on both my net worth and asx portfolio! Details can be seen in my recent post.
  3. Save/invest at least 50% of my income
    • In January I saved 47.44% of my take home income. I only missed out on the 50% in the last few days of January. Should be able to complete in February – it just depends if something major comes up. See below for a run down of my spending in January:

Taking out rent ($900) and being able to see the other categories more clearly, sadly as expected, my car costs including petrol are the highest for the month. I actually took the bus a few times and loaded up some credit and all I can say is… the bus is amazing. Eating/drinking out was also pretty high for me usually ($48.4 spend on coffee alone). I’ll definitely be cutting out store bought coffee slightly because I’ve also realised that… get this… buying ground beans or even instant coffee tastes just as good. Yep.


  1. Lower body fat to 15%
    • Currently 22%, up from 21% since start of 2020. I’ve entered the Anytime Fitness 8 Week Challenge – so I’ll be really focusing on reducing calories and adding a lot of high intensity interval training to drop as much fat as possible over the 8 weeks.
  2. Increase lean muscle mass
    • Current fat free mass is 65kg, compared to 66kg at the start of the year. Due to the anytime fitness challenge and goal above, I’ll try to limit muscle mass loss throughout but I can expect some to be lost. Once I reach the above goal of 15%, I’ll be working on building muscle and limiting fat mass gain.
  3. Increase strength across major lifts
    • As mentioned, I’ll be re-assessing this at 6 months. I can expect my strength to drop a little bit when I’m going for the 15% body fat, but I’ll be training and eating properly to keep any strength I have.


  1. Expand PedalPay (www.pedalpay.com.au)
    • Still at 3 partnered stores. I contacted a number of cafes through Instagram – but no responses or even views of my message – will need to go for more of a personal approach (calling and visiting) throughout February.
    • Increased users by 3 to make a total of 58. Woo!
    • I made a number of posts across social media, but I stopped with my momentum about half way through January – really need to work on creating new and interesting content.
    • I did place my business cards around more areas where I work – I need to contact stores about having my cards displayed, or anything else like stickers, posters and signs.
  2. Expand Nathan Challenges Life
    • First 30-day challenge was uploaded! – check it out here. A video regarding this challenge is available here. Videos take a lot longer to make that I initially anticipated – but it’s great fun!
  3. Reduce single-use plastics and non-recycled products
  4. Reduce consumption of added sugar in foods and drinks
    • These two goals go hand in hand quite well. I have definitely opted out of getting food that I normally would, for example, chips. I’ve not bought them because of the plastic, as well as the sugar, or either one depending on the type of chip/snack. There were a few exeptions for this, namely snacks for our camping trip. I haven’t stopped having sugar in coffee, but I have opted for using Stevia a few times. We have also taken reusable veggie/fruit bags to the shops.
  5. Wake up at 5am every day
    • I have been doing this every day apart from when we went camping for 2 nights. This is one of my favourite goals for many reasons, mainly just having some extra time in the morning to work on stuff. I’ll be making a video about this soon!
  6. Read 25 books
    • In January I finished two books: The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins, and The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. Both really good books. You can see my reviews of anything I read on my Goodreads profile. Not crazy length and detailed reviews, just some of my quick thoughts.
    • I started also reading The Innovators by Walter Isaacson (already an amazing book), and What They Don’t Teach You at Harvard Business School by Mark McCormack. Also, every now and then I’m making my way through Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss.

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