FIRE Progress – March 2020

ASX: $41,132.64
Net Worth: $35,627.36

From February, my net worth only went up 1.5%. My ASX portfolio, as well as my other investments has taken a hit due to the market decline as a result of fears of the coronavirus. My ASX portfolio is currently down 7.66% since the start of February 2020, and down $4,705 in just the past week. However, it’s great to see that overall, my portfolio is +7.54%, still positive… for now…

While this doesn’t help my current situation in reaching my portfolio value goal, I’ll be continuing to invest with every pay check. Since I started investing in late 2016, I haven’t really experience a major fall in the market. I’m quite excited to see where this goes because those experienced with investing will see this market decline as a prime time to invest due to the discounted prices. So at this stage, I’m really keen to invest as much as I can while share prices are lower (with the hope the market keeps dropping and shares get even cheaper).

And I am also interested to see my psychology during this downturn. Of course, I’m following the basics of investing (invest in low cost index funds for very long term), so there really isn’t anything to be worried about. As Warren Buffett said recently about the coronavirus and market downfall “the value of a business, when you look out to five years or ten years, isn’t changed by what’s happening now or in the next few weeks.”. So I just need to trust in the process and to experience this as it happens, while looking forward to the future.

We will see how everything is going this time next month 😛 and if the market recovers by the end of the year, I expect to see quite a large increase in my portfolio. Only time can tell.


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