2020 Goal Review

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a post about the goals I wanted to achieve, the full post, with all the extra details can be seen here: Goals for 2020

While most of them have remained the same, after a few months, I decided to alter some slightly and include extras due to certain circumstances and what happened over the year.

Below, is my progress to date on my goals for 2020, including an update for the month of December.


  • Reach a net worth of $100,000 NOT ACHIEVED (very close)
    • I started the year at $25,677. At the end of 2020, I managed to grow my net worth to $94,555! Incredibly happy with my progress, but unfortunately JUST didn’t reach my goal. My average growth of net worth each month came out to be 12.4%.
    • Over December, my net worth increased $7,212 (8.3%).
    • Check out the table and graph below to see the growth over 2020!
  • Grow my Australian investment portfolio to $70,000 NOT ACHIEVED (very close)
    • I started the year at $37,589. At the end of 2020, my portfolio is sitting at $68,449! I’m very pleased with how much this has grown, but again, so close to my goal!
    • Check out below how my portfolio performed over 2020 and how it grew. The table above in my net worth shows how it grew each month.
  • Save/invest at least 50% of my incomeNOT ACHIEVED
    • Taking into account everything that I paid for in 2020, including a $5,000 Master Trainer course, my total savings rate for 2020 comes to 39%! I didn’t quite get to my goal, but there were some months that were really good, and others not so good.
    • Over December, due to being on a bit of a holiday back home, my savings rate was %. Check out below for a run down of my savings rate and total spending each month over 2020:

I’m happy with the progress I made on my savings rate. In 2019, I didn’t even manage to save 20%, so it was great to really push this up higher. This is definitely something I want to continue to get better at.

  • Save for a House DepositACHIEVED
    • In the middle of the year, I decided I wanted to start saving towards a house deposit. As I was still aiming to invest as well, I didn’t want to assign a number to this goal – I just wanted to put what I could aside and grow it as much as possible.
    • By the end of 2020, my house deposit is now sitting at $16,387! A great start!!


  • Lower body fat to 15%ACHIEVED
    • I started the year at 21%. By March I got down to around 18%. I was struggling to make any further progress on this, especially when gyms closed due to COVID-19 lockdowns. However, at the very end of November 2020, I managed to bring my body fat to 14%! I’m so happy that I was able to reach this goal once and for all!
  • Increase lean muscle massNOT ACHIEVED
    • According to my body scanner, I started the year with a fat free mass of 66kg (79% of body weight). While my goal above wasn’t conducive to this goal, during the same scan as above for the end of November 2020, my fat free mass came to 65kg (86% of body weight).
    • So while technically my fat free mass dropped by 1kg, it now accounts for 86% of my body weight rather than 79%. So honestly, the way I’ve developed and written about this goal, wasn’t really specific enough. But, given I was measuring fat free mass, then technically I did not achieve this goal. Lessons learnt.
  • Increase strength across major liftsACHIEVED
    • This includes deadlift, squat, bench press, and overhead press. I made a video performing my current lifts here for the start of 2020.
    • My original 1 rep max lifts came to:
      • Squat – 80kg
      • Deadlift – 130kg
      • Bench press – 75kg
      • Overhead press – 50kg
    • At the start of 2021, I performed another 1 rep max test, and my lifts came to:
      • Squat – 95kg (+15kg)
      • Deadlift – 140kg (+10kg)
      • Bench press – 82.5kg (+7.5kg)
      • Overhead press – 57.5kg (+7.5kg)
    • Reallly happy with my progress across the above lifts. I was quite surprised about the squat progress – when I went for the 80kg like last time, it was pretty easy! This increase in weight was even better to see considering I had my ACL surgery in late September 2020 – I thought it would have ruined all chances of obtaining this goal but I was pleasently wrong!


  • Expand PedalPay (www.pedalpay.com.au) – PARTLY ACHIEVED
    • Over 2020, I managed to grow PedalPay to be in 4 stores (3 cafes and 1 bicycle shop), with 75 users, and have a total of 138 followers across social media platforms.
    • A few PedalPoints were redeemed for people buying coffee, but it didn’t get the traction like I thought it would have in Canberra – with a lot of cyclists and cycling paths.
    • In terms of completing this, I did make some progress in the start of the year, but COVID had a pretty big impact with everything closing, and I lost interest due to pursuing other things. So there is a lot more I could have done, but I’m happy with the progress I made.
  • Expand Nathan Challenges Life (www.nathanchallengeslife.com) – ACHIEVED
    • My main goals for Nathan Challenges Life was to write blog posts about my 30 day challenges and post monthly updates of goals and FIRE progress onto my webiste. I also wanted to create YouTube videos about my challenges.
    • It’s safe to say that I definitely achieved this goal! I’ve had so much fun with this over 2020 and I will definitely be working harder to grow it in 2020, with a larger focus on YouTube.
    • Some of my stats over 2020:
      • Nathan Challenges Life Website:
        • Posts – 35
        • Views – 4,512
        • Visitors – 2,707
        • Comments – 30
        • Followers (wordpress) – 17
        • Email followers – 3
      • Nathan Challenges Life Social Media Pages:
        • Facebook – 134 followers
        • Instagram – 154 followers
        • TikTok – 16 followers
        • Twitter – 52 followers
      • Nathan Challenges Life YouTube:
        • Subscribers – 261
        • Views – 15,788
        • Watch time (hours) – 411
        • Videos – 50
  • Reduce single-use plastics and non-recycled productsACHIEVED
    • Over the year, there was definitely an improvement over the previous year. This goal was quite vague, but I would say that this was achieved based on my behaviour.
    • I got into the routine of going to the farmers market for the weekly groceries (taking some reusable grocery bags), and going to waste-free shops for things like protein powder, popcorn, and other foods.
    • There can definitely be improvement, but overall it was quite good. In 2021, I want to focus on this even more.
  • Reduce consumption of added sugar in foods and drinksACHIEVED
    • Again, very vague, but overall, I definitely achieved this.
    • Given my goal of reaching 15% body fat, for most of the time when buying snacks or drinks, I would choose the zero sugar option over the regular option, and this also helped to buy less junk food like chips and everything else.
  • Wake up at 5am every dayPARTLY ACHIEVED
    • My plan at the start of 2020 was to wake up at 5am every day. I did this for a month and completed a 30 day challenge (Waking Up at 5am Every Day for 30 Days). But after doing so, I decided not to continue with this for a variety of reasons, which you can read about in my blog post above.
  • Read 25 booksACHIEVED
    • This goal added another 5 books onto my goal from 2019 (20 books).
    • Through a mix of audiobooks and physical books, I ended the year reading 25 books!
    • The books include:
      • Love is Not Enough – Mark Manson
      • The Path – Peter Mallouk, Tony Robbins
      • Limitless – Jim Kwik
      • The Tipping Point – Malcolm Gladwell
      • Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport
      • What They Don’t Teach You At Harvard Business School – Mark McCormack
      • The World’s Fittest Book – Ross Edgley
      • The Art of Resilience – Ross Edgley
      • Eat that Frog – Brian Tracy
      • Grinding It Out – Ray Kroc
      • Never Split the Difference – Chris Voss
      • Unshakeable – Tony Robbins
      • The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robin Sharma
      • The Simple Gift – Steven Herrick
      • Living with a SEAL – Jesse Itzler
      • Sell or be Sold – Grant Cardone
      • If You’re Not First, You’re Last – Grant Cardone
      • You Were Born Rich – Rob Proctor
      • Purple Cow – Seth Godin
      • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
      • How to Win at the Sport of Business – Mark Cuban
      • The Innovators – Walter Isaacson
      • The Magic of Thinking Big – David Schwartz
      • The 5 Second Rule – Mel Robbins
      • Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk
    • There is no way I could pick a winner out of all of these books, there are amazing books for each of the topics. If you want to read my reviews of each book, check out my Goodreads profile.

After reviewing my goals for this last update, something I’ve noticed is that for some of my goals they weren’t specific or measurable enough. Need to take my own advice and follow the SMART goal strategy (specific, measureable, achievable, relevant, time-based). I’m in the process of writing out my goals for 2021, and I will be making sure that I can either answer achieved or not achieved by the end of the year.

Looking back at my goals for 2020, I am very pleased with how much progress I made to every one of them, especially my financial goals. I found that doing monthly reviews of my goals has been one of the best things I’ve started to do to ensure I reach them. Doing a reveiw every month makes sure that my goals are constantly at the front of my mind and I can review my progress and actions, and whether something needs to change in order to reach them. I’ll definitely be continuing the monthly update for my goals and my progress towards financial independence retire early.

There are a few other areas I want to explore in 2021, and I am going to try to have specific focus areas going forwards. Similar to this year, however, there were a few goals that I didn’t really commit to as much as others, and in 2021, I want to have a small number of areas to put more focus towards.

That’s it for 2020! Happy with the progress I made for my goals.

How was 2020 for you?


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