2021 Goal Progress – February

Is it just me, or is 2021 already flying by? Either way, another month, another progress review.

This is my first progress review for 2021. Throughout January, I recognised that I was going very well towards most of my goals, but also knew that I probably wouldn’t hit some of them.

If you want to see my goals for 2021, with more explanation and background, check out my Goals for 2021 post.

As I did in 2020, I’ve organised my goals into a number of categories and highlighted some key areas that I’d like to pursue.


Grow Net Worth to $200,000

  • My net worth increased to $104,853 over January! So happy that I’ve finally crossed the $100k mark!
  • Looking at my net worth growth over time below, there has been a really good increase since the start of 2020. Also interesting to note that this time two years ago, my net worth was actually -$11,884.
  • I’ll be making a YouTube video going over how I’ve grown my net worth – so stay tuned for that.

Grow Self Wealth Portfolio to $100,000

  • Over January, my portfolio grew to $69,291 (+$821). This was all due to capital gains as I did not contribute towards investing (saving for something special :P).
  • In February, I’ll be able to set back into a regular investing routine.

Spend a Maximum of $30,000

  • In January, I spent $3,693.30 (29% savings rate) which is an overspend of $1,193.30.
  • For this goal, I need to spend an average of $2,500 per month, so at the start of February, I’m currently in a surplus of $1,193.30.
  • I’ll need to work extra hard over the next few months to recuperate this extra spending (although, it’s about to get a whole lot worse if I end up buying a motorbike in February….). See how it goes. I needed to buy some bike gear, so apart from that, my other spending was quite good.

Grow House Deposit to $40,000

  • My house deposit is currently sitting at $15,858.
  • Happy with how much I grew it in 2020, but it’s time to step up my game if I’m going to reach all my financial goals this year.


Increase Strength Across the Major Powerlifting Movements, Reassessed Every 3 Months

  • I will be reassessing my one rep max weights on 1 March. Current lifts and goals are below are below:
    • Squat (reach 120kg – currently at 95kg)
    • Bench Press (reach 95kg – currently at 82.5kg)
    • Deadlift (reach 160kg – currently at 140kg)
    • Overhead Press (reach 70kg – currently at 57.5kg)

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

  • Current lean muscle mass is 64kg (+0.5kg from January).
  • I don’t expect much change per month. Great to see that my scales showed an increase over the one month period – I’ve been sticking to a 4-day per week gym plan focusing on the above movements. I’m interested to see what it will be next month, but I may have to focus on ensuring my nutrition is adequate.

Nathan Challenges Life

Grow YouTube Channel to 1,000 Subscribers and Reach 4,000 Watch Hours (monetisation criteria)

  • Current subscribers = 284 (+22 over January)
  • Watch hours = 467 (+109 over January)
  • Great to see this increase over January. I’ll need to have pretty consistent growth over the months to reach my goal (~60 subs per month at this point in time), but I’m hoping that with the more videos I publish, the growth begins to increase faster over time.
  • Stats in January:

Publish 100 Videos on my YouTube Channel

  • Videos = 61 (+11 over January).
  • I’ll have to be a bit creative to make extra videos this year, but I have a number of ideas planned, with a few extras I still need to make. Given the introduction of YouTube Shorts – I may or may not include them in my 100 video goal, but I will see how it goes.

Write 50 Blog Posts on Nathan Challenges Life

  • In January, I posted 3 blog posts which you can read here:
    • How to Set SMART Goals
    • How I Learnt to touch-type at 100 words per minute
    • The importance of stoicism in our daily lives
  • The great thing about these blog posts, are that they give me ideas for potential YouTube video ideas for my channel.
  • I’ve been posting these blog posts, and other posts to Medium – as it is somewhere you can get paid to write depending on how many people read your posts – so I thought why not.

Personal Development

Create my own Personal Training Business and Gain 5 Regular Clients

  • I haven’t spent much time on this in January. I’ve begun to create my Facebook Page for the business, and working on some of the back end documents and planning for this.
  • I think I’ll call it Nathan’s Mobile PT or maybe Nathan’s Mobile Fitness. I want something simple, direct and searchable.
  • I’ve enquired about a small business introduction program through the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme, where they have an introductory session in early February which I will attend. I’ve heard great things about this program and keen to get any help I can.

Read 30 Books

  • I’m off to a great start with reading books. I post all my book reviews on my Goodreads profile.
  • In January I read:
    • It’s Never Too Late, and You’re Never Too Old – Vic Johnson
    • The Obstacle is the Way – Ryan Holiday
    • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck – Mark Manson
    • How to Get Ahead in the World Today – Dale Carnegie
  • Currently at 4/30.


I have been thinking about the things I want to do and try. So for 2021, I’m going to keep a list of things to do throughout the year to make sure I get them done. See below for my current list of things – I may add to this list as time goes on:

  • Test drive a Tesla
  • Get my motorbike licence – DONE! (January)
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class
  • Organise a cycle-touring holiday/trip (probably planning for March/April when it’s not so hot).
  • Attend a CrossFit class (I’ll need to book in for a fundamentals course before I can attend a proper course).
  • Break a Guinness world record (unsure on which one just yet, but will start to research potentials).
  • Complete an obstacle course race.

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