The Importance of Stoicism in our Daily Lives

Times are tough. It’s always tough. But we can choose how we feel about what happens.

There always seems to be something negative going on, and if there isn’t, people somehow find a way to think and behave like there is.

All this does is blur and muddy the clear, peaceful water of our minds. It takes us to a place of fear and worry, making it difficult to react and behave in a way to make us strive in all circumstances.

Stoicism is the endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint.

It teaches us the development of mental fortitude and self-control. It enables us to see with a clear, undistorted vision of the obstacles in our path. You learn to become the master of your emotions.

It encourages us to recognise the power of our own mind, to stay calm when everything seems turbulent, and build resilience in our minds when something out of our control happens.

By practising Stoicism in our daily lives, we can become confident that we are in control of how we react to a situation and overcome any obstruction in our path.

How to apply Stoicism in your life:

  • When confronted with an event outside of our direct control (for example, the weather, new laws, the behaviour of other people), acknowledge it, accept that it happened, and continue with your day.
  • Remind yourself that there may be nothing you can do to change the situation or action that has impacted you. You can’t control everything, so prepare and work around it.
  • Know that you are 100% in control of how you feel and think about something that has happened. Your thoughts can determine your emotions and attitude – either positive or negative.

This, of course, is difficult to do in most cases. But with practice you’ll begin to change your mindset and behaviour, allowing you to overcome and succeed in any situation presented to you.


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