2021 Goal Progress – June

Just one month away from the half-way point for 2021! A lot has been happening this year, and creating these monthly goal reviews has really kept me on track and focused. May was interesting – quite a few changes with my finances, but I’ve been making really good progress with my PT business and a few other goals. I’ve definitely let some fall behind due to competing priorities, but with only one month before the 6-month review point, I can work to get myself back on track to set myself up for a winning position going into the last half of 2021.

If you want to see my goals for 2021, with more explanation and background, check out my Goals for 2021 post.


Grow Net Worth to $200,000

  • At the 1st of June, my net worth is at $125,405 (a decrease of 5.7% from May).
  • This decrease was mainly due to tying up some of my cryptocurrency investments into an NFT project by Gary Vaynerchuk (Veefriends), and not including it within my net worth calculations – and to keep the details short, it’s a collectible with no real value attached to it until I sell it – so I’ve decided to not include it (if you were wondering, the purchase value was 1 Ethereum token, which I was holding since 2018ish, approximately from $400 to $5000 profit growth over that time :P).
  • Next month, or later August, will hopefully show my HECS debt decreased a lot due to the compulsary HECS payment from working. This will also cause my portfolio within the Raiz app to decrease as I’ve been using that to hold the HECS payment funds.
  • Overall it’s going well. I decided to consolidate some investment holdings and take out half of my house deposit portion, with another sizeable chunk to still come out – this will of course bring my portfolio value down but I knew this was going to happen eventually.
  • Check out below for a graph of my net worth and also a table showing exactly what my net worth consists of.
  • If you were interested in how I grew my net worth over the past few years, check out the video I made here.

Grow Self Wealth Portfolio to $100,000

  • My investment portfolio is now sitting at $63,047. As mentioned above, this decrease was due to removing some holdings for my house deposit – with still a bit more to take out soon.
  • Definitely falling a bit behind on this goal in regards to my targets for the end of 2021 – I’m still aiming to have my portfolio at $100,000 by the end of the year, but I’ll need to work out how to do that due to my house deposit being taken out.

Spend a Maximum of $30,000

  • May wasn’t particularly a good month in staying under my yearly budget. I did still manage to have a savings rate of 3.5%….lol.
  • Spending was at a very high $5,876, a huge $3,376 over budget… bringing my yearly balance even lower to -$9,865.
  • The largest expenses in May were related to all the costs associated with the upcoming snow season (full access – $950, accommodation (a lot), and all the extra expenses). Also got hit with a driving fine which was a total waste of $500.
  • See below for a chart of expenses:

Grow House Deposit to $40,000

  • My house deposit is currently sitting at $27,275. I still need to sell a few investments from my portfolio to contribute towards it, and may look into doing that in June. Very pleased with how I’ve managed to grow this over the past months. The next sell off will bring me to approximately $33,000.
  • Definitely looking around at houses/townhouses at the moment.


Increase Strength Across the Major Powerlifting Movements, Reassessed Every 3 Months

  • After training 5×5 since the start of the year, I tested my overhead press in May found that I’ve increased my one rep max by 2.5kg! Going from 57.5kg to 60kg – getting closer to my goal of 70kg! Check out the video I made here on my progress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mG157HtYxo&list=PLnHwATlIVmpJMRFEL0sXkwIrly5LvytZO&index=1
  • Current lifts and goals are updated as below:
    • Squat (reach 120kg – currently at 95kg)
    • Bench Press (reach 95kg – currently at 87.5kg – 15 April 2021)
    • Deadlift (reach 160kg – currently at 140kg)
    • Overhead Press (reach 70kg – currently at 60kg – 15 May 2021)

Increase Lean Muscle Mass

  • Current lean muscle mass is 65.1kg (+1kg from May).
  • Weight is sitting at 89.6kg (No change from May).
  • Fat mass is 21.1kg (-1kg from May).
  • Great to see improvements over the past month, lean muscle mass increase and fat mass decrease. Really excited to see how the end of the year goes.
  • With this goal, literally any increase in lean muscle mass would be amazing! It’s definitely a lot slower now due to having trained for so long, but there are areas I could easily focus on and improve. Really enjoying not thinking about every meal and trying to cut weight.

Nathan Challenges Life

Grow YouTube Channel to 1,000 Subscribers and Reach 4,000 Watch Hours (monetisation criteria)

  • Current subscribers = 322 (+28 from May)
  • Watch hours = 703 (+76 over May) – great to see this grow every month!
  • May was a better month than April. I published two videos in May and my overall views were up (probably just from publishing videos). Really awesome to see that my views in May were 3,800! That’s crazy!
  • Definitely need to take some time out of my day and focus on creating videos for YouTube and also content creation.
  • Stats in April:

Publish 100 Videos on my YouTube Channel

  • Videos = 71 (+2 over May).
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – this needs to be a bigger focus for me going forwards in the year. I’ve had less time in my day due to my PT business kicking off and going well, but I want to work on getting a video out each week at a minimum.

Write 50 Blog Posts on Nathan Challenges Life

  • In May, I didn’t write any articles on my Medium profile here
  • Last month I wanted to schedule time in my calendar to do this – but that didn’t end up happening. I’ve taken a back seat to this goal lately – it’s definitely something I want to do but I find other things taking priority.

Personal Development

Create Nathan’s Mobile PT and Gain 5 Regular ClientsDONE!

  • In May, I’ve consistently been training 5 clients every week! I’d say this goal is done!
  • My current clients will most likely keep training with me for the next few months, and some may drop off because it’s coming up to the end of an 8 week challenge they signed up for. If they do, I’ll start looking around again for more people who may be interested in a session or two per week.
  • In just two months, I have made $1,500 from this PT business! Really happy about that – I’m pretty much saving that money towards things for the business as needed, and perhaps for renting out a space/room in a gym or for an employee to help out.
  • I’ve also been thinking about how I could do this more than my current job, or at least just more than I’m doing now. I could actually drop a day down in my full time job and use that day to fill up sessions with this – I’d make the same amount of money per day doing this (or more/less), and it would be a great way to mix up the days! Otherwise I could just start later at my job and fill in a few extra PT sessions in the mornings.

Read 30 Books

  • Currently at 11/30.
  • In May, I read The Lake of Tears by Emily Rodda. I’m currently reading The City of the Rats, Beyond Order by Jordan Peterson, and Your First 100 Million by Dan Pena.
  • I post all my book reviews on my Goodreads profile.


I have been thinking about the things I want to do and try. So for 2021, I’m going to keep a list of things to do throughout the year to make sure I get them done. See below for my current list of things – I may add to this list as time goes on:

  • Test drive a Tesla (booked in for June!)
  • Get my motorbike licence – DONE! (January)
  • Get my full motobike licence (I can complete this now but would like to attend a practice workshop).
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class.
  • Organise a cycle-touring holiday/trip.
  • Attend a CrossFit class (I’ll need to book in for a fundamentals course before I can attend a proper course – just booked while doing this review! as an update – this was pushed back and I haven’t heard from them. Will need to re-book!).
  • Break a Guinness world record (I’ve got an idea – something I’ve been thinking about for YEEEAAARRRSSS – will look further into it in May – as an update, I found the record, and I’ll apply during June. The application process takes a long time but if I apply now I should be able to get everthing done by 2022).
  • Complete an obstacle course race (none in Canberra, found a few in NSW that could work – will need to book!).
  • NEW – Go to an escape room!

Areas of Focus for June

  • I need to spend more time creating videos and thinking of video topics (outside of a 30 day challenge).
  • Need to work on my current 30 day challenge and think about starting another one.
  • More fovus on creating content for Nathan Challenges Life.
  • Writing blog posts.

How are you going with your goals and 2021? I’m feeling good! These monthly goal reviews really keep me on track and focused on what I want to achieve – without them, I’d definitely fall behind on some of them more than I already am, and I would find it hard to remember how I was going.

I’d highly suggest that you do something like this – even a monthly sit down and review of where you are and where you want to be.

Remember, without a goal, there is no plan and final destination. It’s hard to keep on track if you don’t know where you’re going. Having goals is like having directions to where you want to go. Without them, you’ll be driving aimlessly and constantly getting lost. You can’t even ask for directions because you don’t know where you want to go.

We are coming up to the half-way point of 2021 and it’s a perfect time to re-evaluate where you are with your life, and especially, how you can get yourself and keep yourself on track towards what you want.


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