2022 Goal Progress – August

I didn’t think much changed in July, but looking at my finances in early August it’s great to see increases across the board! Most of my other goals are tracking along smoothly – and I now realise that some will be very difficult to achieve. It’s great that I’ve achieved a number of goals I originally set out already. Most of them I won’t know until the very end of 2022 whether I’ve achieved them, but at this rate most of them will be fine. I’m feeling motivated to get back into posting my 30-day challenges after a decent break (more details in that section). Read on for some numbers, insights, and a few random things 😛

In early 2022 I developed a set of goals that I’m aiming to achieve this year – you can see this post here. Like last year, this is separated into categories like Finances/Wealth and more.


Reach a Net Worth of $250,000

  • At 7 August 2022, my net worth was $137,460, which is finally a decent increase from the past month (+$10,000)!
  • Increases pretty much across the board led to the improvement from last month. Great to see it turn upwards again. Appears to have been spurred on by an increase in my Super account perhaps due investment returns being paid out after the financial year.
  • You can see a breakdown of my net worth below:
Great improvement from last month, but still gaining traction back to where it was at the start of 2022.
Hoping it continues upwards for at least a few months in a row!

Grow Investment Portfolio to $100,000

  • At 7 August 2022, my investment portfolio was $19,107.
  • A decent increase from last month. I’ve been investing every fortnight again when I can which has helped.
  • My portfolio is in a great place now in terms of holdings. I’ll be happy to invest in my current holdings for the next 10 years. I’m done with individual stocks and anything like that. Give me back my boring ETF investing anyday!
  • I’ve got one final holding that I don’t really want anymore. Currently just planning on holding until it returns positive (damn you individual company volatility!)

Grow House Deposit to $60,000ACHIEVED

  • Completed in March 2022 (as shown in above net worth table).


Employ 5 Personal TrainersACHIEVED

  • Achieved in May 2022!
  • Currently I’ve got 10 PTs employed (4 in Canberra, 1 in Melbourne, 1 in SA, 1 in Tasmamia, 3 in NSW).
  • I increased this goal from 5 Personal Trainers to 10. I think I’m happy with 10 so now the focus is on bringing in more clients.

Reach $20,000 in Revenue by 30 June 2022 – ACHIEVED

  • Achieved in May 2022!
  • In June, revenue was $4,830!
  • 2021-22 financial year revenue was $26,576.
  • Super happy with how this progressed just over the past 6 months. Bringing on more trainers has really made a difference, and coming with it more capacity for clients.

New Goal: Reach $80,000 in Revenue by 31 December 2022

  • 2022 calendar year revenue is at $25,691.
  • I’m definitely making more per month consistently now, slightly higher or lower depending on the month but great to see that it’s regular.
  • On average now I’m making around $3-4k depending on the month (before expenses).

Complete a Minimum of 3 Training Courses to Gain New Skills and Improve Knoweldge

  • Finished my Fundamentals of Kettlebells course
  • Finished my Pelvic Floor program.
  • Currently I’m thinking if there is a business course or selling course I can find I may look into that and pay for it prior to financial year.

Obtain 10 Testimonials from Clients

  • At the start of August, my total testimonials is now 9!
  • I’ve increased this to 20 after a bit of thought. I am fairly certain I’ll get there.

Website and other social links

Do a Minimum of 5 30-Day Challenges

  • So far I’ve only completed 1 30-day challenge (Kettlebell workouts).
  • I’m currently working through a 30-day challenge with meditation/mindfullness using the Waking Up app.
  • I’ve got a few things in the mail which will be their own challenges soon!

Publish all Previous and 2022 30-Day Challenges on my Website and YouTube Channel.

  • No 30-day challenge videos or blog posts posted in August.
  • I’m really focused on getting back into writing up my past and future challenges. However, I might take a bit of a break from YouTube and work it in when I can. My main focus will be to create the challenge posts.

Maintain a Minimum of 60% Average Viewer Retention for Each Video Published in 2022

  • No 30-day challenge videos posted for 2022.


Reach a Rating of 850 on Disc Golf Metrix and PDGAACHIEVED

  • Completed in May 2022!
  • Disc Golf Metrix rating is 850.
  • PDGA rating is 860.
  • See below for a graph of my rating over time.

NEW GOAL – Run a Half-Marathon in Under 1:45:00
  • Race day is September 18th!
  • HOWEVER – I appear to have gained an injury (medial gastrocnemius strain) which has prevented me from running at all. At this rate I don’t think I’ll be able to run the half-marathon, especially not beat my time (which was a struggle without any injuries). I’m really keen to start running again but this is taking a while to recover.


Below are the experiences I would like to have during 2022. I’ll probably add to this list if I can think of anything interesting and new that I would like to do:

  • Go on a multi-day hike (nothing scheduled yet)
  • Go cycle touring (nothing scheduled yet)
  • Complete an obstacle course event (e.g., Spartan) – COMPLETE! In April, my partner and I completed the Spartan NSW Trifecta event – we did a 5km, 20 obstacle course and it was really good!
  • Attend a CrossFit class – COMPLETE! I’ve been doing CrossFit for a number of weeks now and I love it!
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class (nothing scheduled yet – a bit hesitant due to COVID).

While things are moving along slowly, there are some areas that need a lot of attention.

Focus Areas for August:

  • Investing more into my ASX portfolio!
  • Completing older blog posts for Nathan Challenges Life


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