2022 Goal Progress – February

And just like that, we are already one month through 2022 with only 11 to go. Did you get around to writing out any goals, or thinking a bit about what you want to achieve this year? Just remember that actively writing down goals and reviewing them just increases the chance of them becoming a reality.

January was a slow and steady month to ease back into it after a nice holiday away over Christmas and New Years. Some progress was made but I’m still in that relaxation / play time mode. You can see my update for the first month of 2022 below.

In early 2022 I developed a set of goals that I’m aiming to achieve this year – you can see this post here. Like last year, this is separated into categories like Finances/Wealth and more.


Reach a Net Worth of $250,000

  • At 1 February 2022, my net worth was $100,022. This was a decrease of 9.7% from last month.
  • Unfortunately over the first month of January and now into early February, there has been a slight dip in the share market, meaning that all my investment accounts had a slight decrease as well. See below.
  • Also, without too much detail, I bought a few (5…) NFTs (which I’m not tracking value of) which decreased some of my holdings (crypto).
  • Not to worry though, these are regular occurances and happen all the time. Just need to keep investing and buying when it’s cheaper 😀
Net worth for 2022, showing each category and breakdown of amounts.
Growth of Net Worth since tracking. Slight decrease from my previous highs a few months ago.

Grow Investment Portfolio to $100,000 (excluding house deposit)

  • At 1 February, my investment portfolio (excluding house deposit) was $60,500.
  • As above, share market volatility will do this. Much too early to tell how this will grow this year.
  • I didn’t make any investments this month due to a few other things coming up.
  • I use SelfWealth for investing due to low brokerage costs. If you are interested in getting started with investing, I’m more than happy to discuss.

Grow House Deposit to $60,000

  • At 1 February, my house deposit was at $40,250.
  • I have made a few additions in early February that will be visible in next month’s update. However, as this is within my investment portfolio, who knows what it will be next month.


Employ 5 Personal Trainers

  • At the start of February, I had 1 trainer.
  • After the first week of February, I brought one 1 extra PT and I’m currently in the process of brining on 1 more! 😀 Very exciting.
  • I’ve been advertising on a variety of platforms and job posting websites and it appears to be working. Advertising for job opportunities is quite an expensive procedure – SEEK alone was roughly $250 for a 30 day ad.
  • The extra day off now that I’m working part-time has really helped me work on social media posts and advertisements, along with all the other admin work involved.

Reach $20,000 in Revenue by 30 June 2022 and $40,000 by the End of 2022

  • In January, revenue was $1,590.
  • 2022 revenue is now $1,590.
  • For the 2021-2022 financial year ending 30 June, the total is sitting at $6,955.
  • Making great progress towards the goals and using any additional profits to go into advertising for more clients and PTs.

Complete a Minimum of 3 Training Courses to Gain New Skills and Improve Knoweldge

  • I didn’t complete any training this month.
  • I currently have a Kettlebell course that I have already paid for and looking to start that.

Obtain 10 Testimonials from Clients

  • No testimonials during January.
  • Total testimonials is 1.
  • In February I will send out a request to some longer-term clients.

Website and other social links

Do a Minimum of 5 30-Day Challenges

  • No 30-day challenges in January.
  • I’ve got a few that I’m keen on starting, and day 1 of the new 30-day challenge started today which I will announce in the next month’s update.

Publish all Previous and 2022 30-Day Challenges on my Website and YouTube Channel.

  • No 30-day challenge videos or blog posts posted in January.
  • I have a huge backlog of videos and posts I want to make.
  • I’ve been thinking a bit about outsourcing the video creation to someone else (freelancer from Fiverr for example). However, I don’t want to have to rely on someone else’s editing skills so when I create my own video it’s not as good (or better). I’ll need to set aside some time for this.

Maintain a Minimum of 60% Average Viewer Retention for Each Video Published in 2022

  • No 30-day challenge videos posted for 2022.


Reach a Rating of 850 on Disc Golf Metrix and PDGA

  • At 1 February, my Metrix rating was 825, which was an increase of +26 points from January.
  • No changes to PDGA rating as no PDGA rated events were held. However, in February there will be 2 PDGA events held and hopefully I can increase my score.
  • I managed to attend some tournaments in January that were rated and I managed to increase my rating quite a lot due to my older scores bring dropped off calculations (previous 15-16 games). So in reality all I need to do is play more rated events and at my current skill level it should happen. I also managed to score a 900+ rating for the first time.
My Disc Golf Metrix rating since I started playing in early February 2021. Can’t believe it’s already been a year. You can see from the orange line that my rating has been going up steadily over the past year.


Below are the experiences I would like to have during 2022. I’ll probably add to this list if I can think of anything interesting and new that I would like to do:

  • Go on a multi-day hike
  • Go cycle touring
  • Complete an obstacle course event (e.g., Spartan) – I have found an event and plan to go to it in April!
  • Attend a CrossFit class – I’ve signed up for a free trial and keen to go soon!
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class

That’s my update for February 2022. A little later than planned but glad to see some progress along the way. I’ll have to work really hard to reach my financial goals in order to reach them. I’ve been really enjoying working on growing my PT business.

I’d love to hear what your goals are – or even what your biggest focus is for 2022.


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