2022 Goal Progress – May

April was pretty average regarding progress to goals. There weren’t many changes compared to last month (there is a new goal though!). I’m very close to achieving my mid-year revenue goal for my personal training business, and I achieved my goal for disc golf ratings haha. The others didn’t really move – but still confident that I can achieve them by the end of the year (maybe not for one or two :P).

In early 2022 I developed a set of goals that I’m aiming to achieve this year – you can see this post here. Like last year, this is separated into categories like Finances/Wealth and more.


Reach a Net Worth of $250,000

  • At 1 May 2022, my net worth was $127,393.91. This was a decrease of 7.4% from last month.
  • As with last month, and the months before that, the market is very volatile at the moment, so the next few months and maybe even the whole year could be randomly up and down.
  • You can see a breakdown of my net worth below:
Next month – I’ll probably be able to include a ‘house’ within the net worth tracker. Given that, I’ll need to create a graph showing net worth ‘with property’ and ‘without property’. Whether I include the loan amount yet I’m unsure 😛
The net worth has been on a slow decline in 2022. See how long it goes before it turns around 😀

Grow Investment Portfolio to $100,000

  • At 1 April, my investment portfolio was $17,992, a slight increase from last month.
  • I haven’t been contributing much money towards my investment porftolio as I’ve need to keep cash ready for a house purchase.
  • I’m happy with holding I hold – I’m quite diversified and only investing in things I will continue investing in over the next 20 years.

Grow House Deposit to $60,000Achieved

  • Completed in March 2022 (as shown in above net worth table).


Employ 5 Personal Trainers

  • I didn’t manage bringing on the 4th trainer just yet. I’ve had job openings up on Seek, Indeed, Jora, and other places but unfortunately I haven’t received any messages.
  • I’m thinking about branching out to other cities for staff. The great thing about this business model is that it can be done anywhere 😀

Reach $20,000 in Revenue by 30 June 2022 and $40,000 by the End of 2022

  • In April, revenue was $2,270. Expenses were $2,844. As I need to pay staff every fortnight, if the current clients have paid upfront for a pack of 8 sessions, expenses will be more than income for some months. Still going very well 😀
  • I’m super close to achieving this revenue goal with still an extra month to go – I will definitely achieve this within May.
  • 2021-22 financial year revenue is now $17,771.
  • 2022 calendar year revenue is $12,346.

Complete a Minimum of 3 Training Courses to Gain New Skills and Improve Knoweldge

  • I am still about 95% through the Fundamentals of Kettlebell Level 1 and Level 2. Just need to finish it off by recording a video.
  • I’ve booked and started doing a Pelvic Floor Program run through MoveU. I’m about half way through this course now.

Obtain 10 Testimonials from Clients

  • At the start of April, my total testimonials is still at 4.
  • I’ve sought after testimonials recently, given the amount of clients I’ve got and with more coming in later, this is achievable.

Website and other social links

Do a Minimum of 5 30-Day Challenges

  • So far I’ve only completed 1 30-day challenge (Kettlebell workouts)

Publish all Previous and 2022 30-Day Challenges on my Website and YouTube Channel.

  • No 30-day challenge videos or blog posts posted in April.
  • I’m still very focused on my PT business and I’m enjoying my time off after everything is done. At this stage I want to spend more time focused on the PT business and grow it.
  • I enjoy making videos, but given I way up early to train clients, usually by 9pm I’m ready for bed haha.

Maintain a Minimum of 60% Average Viewer Retention for Each Video Published in 2022

  • No 30-day challenge videos posted for 2022.


Reach a Rating of 850 on Disc Golf Metrix and PDGACOMPLETE!

  • After the Vic Open 2022 in Ballarat, and a metrix round with the club here in Canberra, I’ve reached my rating goal for this year.
  • My metrix rating is now 850.
  • PDGA rating is 860.
  • See below for a graph of my rating over time.

NEW GOAL – Run a Half-Marathon in Under 1:45:00

I’ve decided that I needed something to challenge myself. So I signed up for the Half-Marathon in Sydney in September. My previous best half-marathon event was 1:49:00. My goal will be to complete a half-marathon in 1:45:00. I’ve started training again and I’m fairly slow. To reach a time of 1:45:00, I’ll need to run ~5min/km for 21km – at the moment, this is way faster than I can manage, but keeping training up I’m confident I can do it.


Below are the experiences I would like to have during 2022. I’ll probably add to this list if I can think of anything interesting and new that I would like to do:

  • Go on a multi-day hike (nothing scheduled yet)
  • Go cycle touring (nothing scheduled yet)
  • Complete an obstacle course event (e.g., Spartan) – COMPLETE! In April, my partner and I completed the Spartan NSW Trifecta event – we did a 5km, 20 obstacle course and it was really good!
  • Attend a CrossFit class – COMPLETE! I’ve been doing CrossFit for a number of weeks now and I love it!
  • Attend a Jiu Jitsu class (nothing scheduled yet – a bit hesitant due to COVID).

That’s my update for May 2022. Goals this month were pretty standard, no crazy changes other than reaching my disc golf rating goals! Happy about that and should have put it higher.

Focus Areas for May:

  • Investing more into my ASX portfolio.
  • Gaining more clients and trainers for Nathan’s Mobile PT.

How have you been going with your goals?

Do you review them regularly, have you written them down?

This can all help bring them to the present and at the front of your focus.


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